The new Earth – creating new paradigm

The current energies on the planet are wild. To be said mildly .

We are finding ourselves in point of no return.

Full moon in Saggitarius and Uranus entering Taurus thrown into the energies of the Year of the Dog plus eclipses happening in July August and 5 planets retrograde including mars we know we are in for a ride.

Power to the people they said .

You see the people holding on for dear life with fears in their eyes.

Instead of looking forward to the much welcome change.

The system has failed. Look around. Maybe it is too late anyway. What and who are we? Bunch of employees or employers blasting around totally unaware of our surroundings nevermind our brothers and sisters. Me , myself and I. This is exactly where they wanted us to be / Well done for letting ourselves be manipulated to the point of brainwashing. Don’t we know we gonna get chipped ? all we have to do is to stand up and the game is over.

The few who are still pretending they are happy with their jobs which 99% of the time doesn’t fulfill their soul mission on Earth , are gonna have to face the reality ,others are building walls putting more security and safety systems in place while they sit around and entertain or distruct their minds with meaningless talk while numbing themselves with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex, meat to just persevade themselves that everything is fine oh don’t forget the favorite “when we” .

Well let me tell you . It is over the world as you knew it . And the sooner you realize it the better for you. Our neighbor put up a massive Christian Cross on his hill in rural area. Think about it . What is it ? Ego ? Cry for help ? Selfishness?//We fight to hold on and we fight to let go. Its FEAR .


Luckily there are many people going through spiritual awakening and the veil has been lifted.

Christianity or any other religion – separation

Education  – the introduction to slavery at very young age worst then child labour.

Monetary system – the fear based agenda we all eating like a sweetcake. Ground for


GOVERNMENT – to control us.

Doctors – to poison us

Lawyes – to betray us.

Family – to disconnect us from the rest and make us believe that only these people are important to us.



I type from a beautiful place in South Africa.

This country at the moment is like a beautiful egoistic bitch with rotten soul

In fact South Africa has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of Africa.

The rest of Africa is colourful , vibrant , welcoming. Sure it is corrupted . But its fun.

15 years ago I got  my drivers license in Zambia for Coca Cola since it was hot and he could see I can drive.

He in the way won the system. I could drive he was right. And we had a nice chat over the Coke.

Be human. Be wise. Is it worth fighting the change? Embrace it.

Put a smile on your face and live life.

The ultimate wish of everyone on this planet is to be happy.

Everyone is resisting.

So we have this hate going on for the white tribe. Now I am white , but I come from Europe originally.

I came to Africa as a young innocent girl . In my country it was illegal to call person by their colour. Everywhere I went I was called muzungu – white person.

I wondered is this an insult ? No its lack of travels. Its lack of exposure. Its fun for them because life is short and its meant to be fun.

Its lack of communication.

White people in this country surely made some mistakes ,but they have given the South AFricans wonderful life.

Just look at your neigbhors . The average age for woman in Zambia is 36 years. That is all she has considering she would have 5 or 6 children by the age of 25 its pretty rough. Yet they are the happiest people I have ever met. Yes poor . Very proud. Naïve ? Maybe. But not in the way you may think. I think they truly live up to all the zen masters saying. Be childlike the child sees beauty in everything.

Every person should have the right to know where their abilities lie .

There is so much we could do together , if we just snap out of the fact that we are different colors.

Why are we differnet colors ? the amount of pigmentation. That is all. The warmer the climate the darker the skin. Dot.

I know many successful non white business man who are my friends and no one has trouble with anything. We joke about it.

Connection and communication.

Getting to know one another and even we are very diverse and we may disagree in everything and never want to see each other again we all have a right to live here.

The biggest trouble in south Africa today is that the White people who suppose to feel guilty now or something like that – again very wrong- are fighting between one another.

there is massive job shortage and people are fighting for survival.

The youth has no chance. White youth. Unless they rich kids of course rich kids will be always fine, but they never have much character. They could never develop because life was a joke and fun ride. And one only grows through hardship.

Now Mr. Mandela did say that the children are our biggest treasures. He was very right.

So how come we cant even look after our neighbor, friend, or tribesman?

This is something the white tribe could have learned from the Black tribe. The Black Tribe has much more community sense then the white tribe. Or though every community living is very complicated I mean we cant even get along with our partners sometimes nevermind with 100 other people,but the understanding of support system is very strong.

It is like in India where one billion people lives peacefully with all these religions .

it is unbelievable but the tolerance and compassion between people is there. Or though with the mass capitalism influence greed has creeped in and I am afraid it has come to stay. And maybe not maybe the love of God will set these people free .

And once again South African citizen have you seen poverty ? You wouldn’t know unless you go there.

Destroying public buildings just because I want something is absolutely out of line and it is very immature and irresponsible. It is only when you do something yourself, have to pay for it, buildt it , nurture it you would know its true value. Be grateful or there will be nothing to be grateful for.

If you truly open your heart and love one another there is no space for small dramas , very soon if we not careful we may even create with the anger within big disaster without. even the lack of water was white mans trouble.

No it wasn’t it is over population trouble.

if we hate the white man so much why do we keep on following him ? Why don’t we all just take a break.

Black people employ black people and white people employ with people and we work amongst one another but from a distance. We are not the same . That is true but beautiful heart and compassion can go  a long way.

All these people you hate so much are South africans just like you .

That you want their money it is the way it was and now the world is changing and it is your turn but I tell you that this wealth you see is mainly accumulated over generations.

The way forward is inward. If you want to be smart and succesfull then you must go within. Be modern rather then be stubborn .

Be cool/

Teach your children better.

Don’t worry about which car you drive too much.

Worry about how much you love yourself.